International Sign – Expressing from the Asnep Council

V článku je video v mezinárodním znakovém systémech.

Greetings to you all! We have discussed this matter at the Board and have decided to publicly announce a special issue. This announcement is not  targeted only at the Deaf community, but at the hearing community as well. It is not just an ordinary announcement; it may be even shocking and very sad for you. We certainly don’t wish anyone ill, nor do we want to become ill ourselves, but unfortunately precisely this has happened to a person we all hold in our hearts, who we respect, love, admire. We really consider her a golden, precious person. That person is Nadia Hynkova Dingova, who was stricken with a serious illness – metastatic colon cancer. 

It was a shock for me and I believe it is for you, too. I’m sure we all are wondering: why her? I feel very sorry for her, but there is a chance to save her, which I will tell you about later. But first, I’d like to say something about her. She didn’t have an easy life, growing up in an orphanage. Then she studied at the JAMU (Educational drama for the Deaf), worked at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University where she started her career. At that time, she lead the Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters which was in its golden age. She was involved in all types of interpreting, including artistic interpreting, interpreting for Czech Television, and she worked as a court interpreter as well. Nadia shows great love for the Deaf community to which she is very dedicated. 

Only 11 years ago she succeeded in her great wish – to have her own family. She has 4 children, 3 of which come from her husband´s previous marriage and the fourth child is their own son Mikolas, who is now 10 years old. Despite this big family, she has always thought of the Deaf community to whom she continues to give her time and to whom she interpreted various events, even e.g. guided tours. 

But in August 2022, there came a shock; during a medical appointment, her doctor told her she had colon cancer. This shocking news turned her life upside down. She stopped her work for a year and devoted herself to her family and her treatment. This period was a crisis, especially after the doctor’s announcement that she had about 3-6 months to live. But she still fought and was on a hopeful path, and we were happy about it, too. 

But unfortunately in December 2023, it was found to be worse as the disease had metastasized to other parts of the body. It is almost impossible to cure this disease in the Czech Republic, but after searching for information, it was found that there was a chance of treatment in Germany. However, it is a very expensive treatment. Because of the treatment so far, they have had to sell several of their belongings, including motorbikes, in order to raise sufficient funds for her treatment. Now this is a really big financial hit for her family, so they decided to raise the necessary funds for the treatment in Germany through a Donio fundraiser. We ask you all to support Nadia in this way and help save her life. 

This is a very unpleasant announcement for us, but we are here to show our support for a person who is very important to the Deaf community. Please support Nadia with any donation you can. Thank you all very much. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Nadia and her family, thinking of them, praying for them and hoping for a good outcome. Thank you. The Board of ASNEP, z.s. Link to collection: